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Help your systems last longer and provide more consistent comfort.

Did you know that the cost to heat and cool your home takes up nearly half of your energy bill? Systems that lack regular maintenance are more prone to experience recurring problems, which in turn can affect your comfort level and cause spikes in your utility bill. You may also find yourself calling for repairs more often and spending more on your HVAC system than necessary. Don't waste your hard-earned money on high energy bills that could be avoided with routine maintenance.

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While it can be easy to take indoor comfort for granted, the efficiency of your HVAC system is closely tied to how well it's maintained and cared for. Taking the time to have your heating and cooling systems inspected, cleaned, and tuned up regularly will go a long way towards helping you achieve long-term comfort and peace of mind. Professional maintenance won't just contribute to lower energy bills over time but also help your AC and furnace last longer and work more efficiently.

Citygate Mechanical offers a wide range of comprehensive tune-up and regular maintenance services, including:

  • Fan motor oiling

  • Indoor and outdoor coil cleaning

  • Wiring inspections

  • Refrigerant level inspections

  • Part replacements (if needed)

  • Burner assembly cleaning

  • Fan control and airflow calibration

  • Safety control inspections

  • Heat exchanger inspections

  • Air filter replacement

Customers who are part of our annual maintenance program will receive reminders when their next service is due. Cooling tune-ups are typically carried out during the spring, and heating tune-ups are performed in the fall.


Contact us onlinecall (585) 910.2770 in Rochester, or call (716) 919.3366 in Buffalo to schedule your next maintenance appointment today!

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Call today for more information about our annual maintenance and regular tune-up services. Start enjoying greater energy efficiency and comfort.


We’re making a difference in our customers’ lives through honest, superior service and competitive products and pricing.

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